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and i dont see, how you could ever be, anything but mine

wow, im home.

im so happy.
i love humidity and i never want it to go away again.
i will never take for granted the frizz in my hair. :).

This is probably the best vacation i have taken in ages.
I have so many pictures that i have to update...
ill probably update them day by day or something like that so i can tell you what i did that way.
this winter i think me and my sis are going back.
we are going skiing. yayyy.

geez, i missed so many of you!!!
sooo much.
but i talked to some of you on the phone so that helped!
(alex; erin; megan; WADE<--for like, 2 mins; blake <--like everyday)

cannot wait to see you!
think maybe today, chillin with alex and maks..maybe?
ill update later with the pictures.
they are beautiful!

(and please dont tell me about lighting, contrast, balance, blah blah, i am NOT a professional photographer and i have no idea about any professional stuff, i know how to take simple pictures. i keep them in their raw editions, with no editing because i dont know how to do that...)
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