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you said you loved me.

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the upside of anger

school has been hectic.

friends are gay,
i barely have any real friends anymore...

im just sick of doing the same old shit. everything is just the same. the same people, the same drama, the same secrets, know. but, its palm coast.

everyone has changed so much.

people are dating which is so amazing and great, but they forget about everything else. i still went to your house and slept over when i was dating the asshole, remember? your house was my getaway, and i still included you.

people have found different friends. i know that i have. lauren hadeed and i are for once, friends without drama of the rest of the school involved lol. i probably could have never pictured us being friends until now. we stay up late and help eachother with homework, lol. talk about boys and girls and sneaky rats. :]. i dont really hang out on weekends with anyone except tiffany lately. and sometimes erin. but most of the time, its just me, doing homework.

i guess its just that...

i just miss having a best friend.
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