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I'm going to stop looking back and start moving on...and learn how to face my fears...


I have a serious virus on my computer and today i get the chance to get on, and read everyones livejournals.

and its depressing.

everyone is mad at everyone else.
everyone hates their life.
everyone is so upset.


there are like, school days left.
then summer.

and do you want to start off your summer with drama?
No. you dont.

so why doesnt everyone just be happy and enjoy their last few weeks of school and shut up and live life. everyone says that they dont want drama, so let it all go. i had a bad day today, so what? im over it. the day is over, and so are all my problems that i had in that day.

so a boy doesnt like you, im sorry, get over it. there are a thousand other guys in the school. meet one of them. hook up. SOME ONE will like you as much as you like them, and THATS the guy you need to go for.

so one of your best friends is mad at you. talk it out. you need eachother. you know you do. you know that they were there for everything and you were too. approach them. dont say who's fault it is. its both of yours for not ending it 5 minutes after it started.


thats about it. :).


i changed my life around and its amazing. i havent smoked or drank in so long. i havent done anything with anyboys in even LONGER. i go to church. i think i might actually be finding ME. youth group is amazing. i love it. i love my life. i love the person that i am becoming. i feel so good about myself, and i dont need a drink or a smoke to make me happy. i dont need a boyfriend. all i need is what i have. and right now, i have everything.

i have good friends and family. i have a good life.

i feel so GOOD! ♥♥♥

i love everyone! ♥♥♥
especially erin and nikki and alex
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