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every long lost dream, led me to where you are...

So today at school, me and sara got pretty close.

well shit happens.

"good friends bail you out of jail, best friends are in there with you"

no. best friends are the ones that tell you when you're wrong for stealing money. they are the ones that wish they could go back in time and erase what you did. best friends are the ones that VISIT you in jail, but they know you have to learn your lesson by yourself. best friends dont swear on their friendships and lie. best friends dont lie. best friends dont pick their reputation over your friendship.

i thought our friendships were priceless. but i guess 4,000$ was the limit, right? guess so.

i love nikki <--- my best friend through thick and thin. she woulnt swear on my life or my friendship and lie. she can tell me everything. we are totally open with eachother, and i can TRUST her.

i also love alex <--- he's been such a good friend to me. he doesnt always make the best decisions, but he is always there. i cant think of a time he swore to god on our frienship and lied. thanks alex.

and everyone else that has been there for me... i love yall too! <33 ♥♥♥
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