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I Wake Up, and tear drops, they fall down like rain...

Went to Brianna and Rachel's play.  they were so cute!  and they did absolutey fantastic.  then we went to baskin robins. mmm yeah.  go home, take pics for our myspaces!  yay!

wake up, EARLY.  go to soccer tournament.  we lost our first game so the tournament was over :(.  afterwards, we go to a restaraunt.  me, meg, tiff, rogers, christina, morg, and brooke AND CORY <--fantastic girlie.  omg, we were hitting on the waiter.  too friggen funny!  morgan "if money ever gets tight, i have a spare bedroom"  lmao!  me and tiffs "bathroom break".  pinching his ass.  morg falling out of her seat and grabbing him.  the GAY waiter. "im like, way over the hill girls".  "honey, please."  lol.  come up with the idea of everyone spending the night.

So, everyone PLUS laura all come over.  okay, so much friggen candy.  and we ate like all of it! crazy dancing, crazy pics.  talking, myspaces, computer.  the party gets crunked. lmao.  Allen tom and eugene come over...out of no where?  everyone acting crazy.  dad catches the guys over the house!  omg, squeeze out of trouble.  party all night long!

Sunday, wake up.  everyone starts going home.  play some team fooseball.  convince dad and mom to let me go to matts.   take nikki with me.  me nikki matt s alex matt l and parker.  JET SKIING.  crazy ass fun.  "im humping you, please stop going over the wake!"  matt throws me and alex off.  okay, we get sprayed. :-( .  we all go to the pool.  Spitting?  Ew gross.  throwing clothes and SHOES into the toilet.  really gay.  lol.  back to matts house.  we chill for a lil bit.  dad comes and gets me and nikki, mom doesnt feel like taking us to church, so we go home.  pretty boring.  yearbook signing.  getting studying in for finals.  bout to go to sleep lol.  THIS WEEKEND MIGHT BE HAVING A me if you wanna come.


3 days left ♥
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